Model Bone Re-positions In Animations

I’m learning Unreal Engine through a couple of video tutorials on the Unreal Engine youtube channel. The 3rd person game tutorial supplies me with a character model to use which is rigged and animated. However, when I view the model in the reference pose everything is great, but when I preview an animation the left shoulder of the model is transformed so that it hovers off the body down by the character’s hip. I can pause and adjust the necessary bone, however this will then mess up the reference pose, and apparently won’t save regardless. I was wondering if there is a trick to adjusting bone positions for animations as that seems to be where the positioning gets messed up on the model.

You will have to fix that in a 3d program or record a new animation in the UE4 -> in persona you can use the “record” button + move the bones :slight_smile:
Which tutorial do you mean? -> normally there shouldnt be something wrong with the animations

This is the tutorial I’ve been working through. Maybe it was an issue with a corrupt download? The download link is posted in the first or second episode on the playlist.

Thanks for the tip about using the Record feature! I made a new version of each of the tutorial animations and used them in my blend space to fix the animation without tampering with the reference pose!
This is the tutorial I’ve been following.

It seems like they have made a mistake during the updating process -> in my case I also get this strange shoulder :smiley: