Model animation

hi everyone,

here’s the question: I want to have a simple model (say toy robot) in a topdown shooter game with a bit of animation (e.g. move ‘body’ parts). What the best way of doint it I’m thinking of three options (sorry if this sounds too dumb, I’m a complete newbie in this):

  1. create, animate and write the script for the robot in UE4,
  2. create the robot in Blender, the rest as in 1)
  3. create and animate in Blender, the rest as in 1)

Any suggestions?

answer 3
also have a look at the topdown template that comes with UE4 :wink:

thanks, will do. So does it mean UE4 pretty much doesn’t handle animation and it must be developed externally and then imported?

i believe thats the same in any game engine, you can create some animations in the engine but i’d leave that just for doors and things like that.
for characters weapons vehicles i would advise doing all the animations in a 3d program then export them to UE4

you can find some blender tutorials on my youtube channel