Hello! First of all, I would like to say amazing job Epic! I am glad that I chose the Unreal Engine and honestly, I will probably never use anything else again. :wink: I launched the launcher and saw that there are now tabs for different games. Since technically, modding is possible now, it would be cool if developers could have their games show up as their own tab in the launcher. It will have content such as guides created by the developer and stuff similar to how the Unreal Tournament tab is setup. This would be cool and it would help get players started on modding the developer’s game. I went into Photoshop and created a quick example:

The contents of each section (Play, Create, Marketplace) can be designed by the developer. Tell me what you think! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Making it part of the Epic launcher probably doesnt make much sense. But I would like to see some kind of framework to create your own launcher with patcher integrated etc.

I don’t think the launcher is currently part of the source, but I remember reading something about the devs wanting to change that.

I approve of all things modding though! I think alot of indie devs get their start there, and it is great that we can now basically point them to UE4 and say “Mod away!”

We love this idea. As of today, UE4 developers are free to release mod tools and source through GitHub forks of UE4, so that is the immediate solution while we’re working on something more user-friendly.

We plan to open up the marketplace to support more convenient distribution of mod tools for general UE4-based games. We haven’t finalized the exact mechanism, but like the idea that installing a game’s mod tools creates a new game-specific tab for them (as we hardcoded with Unreal Tournament).