Modding Veteran Showcasing an Exciting Opportunity to create with Brainstorming, a Top Selling Title

So, everyone who io a developer says “my game is the best” and of course it is!

To be fair, i am a veteran of unreal engine and i can show many examples of ALL Unreal Engine 2.0 - UE4 work as Proof of Concept for a Story Driven Puzzle / Stealth Action with deep level of risk reward impacting your style of play to lead you down your path of Modus Operandi.

TL;DR: Go here for plenty of basic examples of the diversity of the concept and to read about the story, on the Home page and in the Blog Section (Top Navigation Menu Button for “blog”) This is a portfolio all based on Unrel develpment, with Turht & Justice being the most substantial, but i have many skills and i think i’ve earned somene to hear me out :smiley:

I have an opportunity for a Modern Blockbuster Film Styled Story Game Concept Here, looking for all areas of development to be considered, a Community Project would be amazing.

i think you need to reword your post a bit because initially i thought you were looking for a job.

also the site is a bit confusing because you present the concept and talk about tactical this and that and then it says “puzzle traps”. so its like rainbow six and tomb raider?
it says that its being developed on UE5 and then show a UT4 map… and one of the pics says its a mod !?!

so many questions…

Just try to soak in the outline of the story… I’m gathering modification artists, and in the Truth & Justice Page, it explains the intentions of a demo protoype.