Modding Total Overdose?

Okay, so for this one I’m not entirely sure if the game Total Overdose is able to be moddable. It may be impossible because due to the lack of archive files.

But if anyone needs to extract any of the .naz files for it, just tell me and I can extract these archive files.

[FONT=comic sans ms]Now my real question is:

Is it possible to add Total Overdose for Unreal Engine? I mean first of all let’s start with the basics about it.

***1. This game was created in Renderware Game Engine, **Which is used to create games. For example: *GTA: SAN ANDREAS *is an example of another game which was created by this engine… ***But that’s not it.

***2. Some games by Deadline Games (Which is the creators of Total Overdose.) used some special software to create some of their games, called Kapow Systems 3D. For all of you my friends who doesn’t know it, here is a link in moddb: *** you can view there a little more information about it + some pictures of it.

[FONT=comic sans ms]IMPORTANT README!:

Ok there is one very important thing about this program. In Denmark, Copenhagen and then where the address of the abandoned bankrupted company. In their companies house, there are some old computer and other stuff in there. One thing to keep in mind about the place that if the computers they still have there works perfectly, then you could take a copy of the Kapow Systems 3D program in your USB-Stick you brought with you (if you did) and start modding + having fun with the game.


Before going into the companies building and just be like “Oh yeah it’s time to get it to my USB-Stick and have fun after smashing the window and going in the building.” Think before doing that to ask the police for permission to go in the building. If they say ‘yes’, then you’re one lucky person.


That’s it for all of that information. Please make sure you have read everything.
Now let me get some replays of you.