Modding System Change Request for Official Devs (how to make mods stack)

Hi fellow game devs,

I really love your game, but I was hoping you would consider moving crafter/maker registration and spawn type registration from the crafter/makers and spawners to the crafted items and dinos so that mods can stack. Right now, mods are generally going to conflict with each other because in order to get a new dino/item in the game, modders have to overwrite a spawner or maker class and only one overwrite can run at a time. I know it’s a pita, but if makeable/spawnable classes auto registered into global makeable/spawnable dynamic arrays (one for each maker/spawner type) that were then shifted into a static array at the end of the load it would cause minimal performance issues and let the mods stack… it would make modding much more appealing because it would be modular. It would also mean that if a mod failed to load, the loss would be localised to just that mod. This is how I usually implement my spawn systems and it works quite well for both modders and internal content updates. Anyhow, I hope this finds it’s way to you and that you will consider making these changes. Thanks so much!