Modding support for user made content


I think it would be nice being able to allow players to build maps without needing to recompile the whole game. This way you could as a developer just give the community access to your compiled editor (provided that would be legally possible). This would allow the community to create custom made maps and content and that are really easy to share. I also think sharing things through steam’s workshop would be awesome. User made maps and content is something I think will grow and could also really benefit both the community and the developers. I hope to see some of those features soon. This will also probably be on of the main features with valve’s new game engine.

They don’'t need to compile a game or have source in order to access your game via UE4 editor, all it’s needed is your binary module

Okay, I didn’t knew you could load levels that were dynamically added after the game was built. Do you know if there is any documentation about this? I wonder thinks like if distributing a build of the editor is allowed or if there is support for downloading maps you don’t already have and things like that? Pretty much how it works =)


Well there no really offical support, you will need to release uproject with editor build of your module and uasset needed for mapping for your game, this way user can create map by opening such project. I’m not sure about map distribution, never thouth about it, i would need to think of it my self. I think best way to search right method is lurk in to UT4 community and how they do that.

Unfortunately if releasing uproject means releasing the source it would be an issue for us. I would love to involve the community but we can’t give away our source for several reasons. I will check how the UT team plans to solve this but I guess giving away the source wouldn’t be a problem for them though.

But didnt i said Source is not needed? When you run uproject all editor does is load binery module

Okay, I assumed the source was needed since I thought “uproject” meant the whole unreal project. Sounds very interesting then, I will have to test this.