Modding questions

Hello there!

I am investigating the different approaches to make our game modable.
I found a lot of resources (the usual suspects) but nothing regarding, on how to distribute the project files without giving full access to our sourcecode… .
Accordingly to a post of Chance Ivey (from the 05-24-2016 @ Link to post, EPIC is discussing the next steps for mods in UE4.
But in the meantime I wanted to ask, how is the workflow ATM for this?

do we have to release the source-code to our project in order to support moding in our game (that’s a no-go)?
is there a way to distribute our cooked project files and enable modding?

i’m asking this, since all resources on this topic cover the workflow in editor with sourcefiles (the plugin-way) and the developers have to build out the mod/plugin (that’s not really a mod - and you know that :wink: ).

as a focus we ‘only’ want to let modders make new maps and new models for the game.
so any realworld input on this would be appreciated. You don’t need to post tom looman’s tutorial / wiki, since I came across this around 354 times.
it was a great read to enter the topic tho (thanks tom for all your effort!) – but not really related to my questions.