Modding Orbital Supply Drop Loot?

I’m a little rusty as I’ve been away from Ark for since pre-Extinction but I’d like to edit my Supply Drop mod to include changes to Orbital Supply Drops. I have been unable to find info on this and was wondering if anyone could help shed some light.

My main question is, When remapping the OSD in my mod’s PrimalGamData_BP should I put the changes in the “Remap Supply Crates” list or the “Remap Active Event Supply Crates” list? Is that list for OSDs and Element Nodes or is that for holiday events or something else? Should it matter?

In case anyone else is interested, I found the supply drops:
Extinction\CoreBlueprints\HordeCrates\SupplyCrate_Base_Horde_[Easy/medium/hard/legendary] in the Dev Kit
and editing their item drops looks to be the same as regular supply drops.

Update: Remapping OSD supply crate files as you under “remap supply crates” in the Dev Kit does not appear to carry over the changes I’ve made to the item set info in those files. I took a deeper look at "remap active event supply crates in PrimalGameData_BP and couldn’t figure out it’s role (it’s more complex than just overwriting files). Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.