Modding Help with getting arrows to work in bows.

I currently working a mod that adds reinforced arrows and reinforced bow. They are in game fine. Problem I am having the default stone arrows work fine. But the tranq will not go in the new bow. Plus the new arrows will not work at all. Right now they are just copies of the default files with edited stats. Added the new bows and arrows to the Primalitem_ammostonearrow copy that has been renamed. I am trying to not edit default items just add new ones. Cant really find any other location that says ammo types. What am I missing? Does anyone know of any tutorials on this? Any advice will help. If you need more info let me know.

Do you have a Tranq version of your weaponstructure blueprint? Like WeaponReinforcedBow_Tranq?
You need to modify the references from the PrimalItemAmmo_ArrowTranq (Or your version of this Tranq Arrow). Add your PrimalItem_WeaponReinforcedBow to the Support Drag Onto Item Classes. Add your WeaponReinforcedBow_Tranq to the Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon Item Weapon Templates.

Do this similar to your normal Arrow version but with WeaponReinforcedBow for Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon (not the tranq version!)

Now set the ammonition of your weaponstructures WeaponReinforcedBow and WeaponReinforcedBow_Tranq

For WeaponReinforcedBow
“Weapon Ammo Item Template” -> PrimalItemAmmo_ArrowStone (or your version of it)

For WeaponReinforcedBow_Tranq
“Weapon Ammo Item Template” -> PrimalItemAmmo_ArrowTranq (or your version of it)

Double checking everything so far I see one thing I missed. Thx Will let you know.

I do not see the weapon ammo item template in my Primalitem_ammoarrowtranqRE file. I do see weapon template which I had none in. I am using dev kit 201.6 could that be why?

Well, you find the Weapon Ammo Item Template in your WeaponStructures! Look into your WeaponReinforcedBow and WeaponReinforcedBow_Tranq!

Think I got it will test soon.

Got it as much as I can without editing default files thx.

There is a much easier solution to this problem… Make both your bow and your arrows children of the originals instead of copies. It will eliminate the ammo template problems.

I take it this would be best practice for all mods?