Modding Help Few Questions.

I am working on the Mod reinforced items and I have got a few questions.

First, How does Hypo and Hyper thermal insulation work. Do I increase them both noticed the one is neg so do I drop it more neg?

Second, How do I make a engram blueprint for let say a Ramshackle Item I mean not primitive?

Third, How do I add my items to loot tables and make the mod stackable?

Any help here if just to a video guide will help thx.

i not sure what the first is for
the second and third you can make engrams as a child and then remap it if you want to just change something on it or you can duplicate it if you want to make a new type and then add it too aditional engrams

and for make it stackable you should put the engrams in aditional engrams

The first question refers to the hot and cold resist on armor. Just not sure how values work. I did make copies of some items upped the durablities and made some small adjustments. I just do not know how to make engram recipes for those items to be made in higher qualities like ramshackle / green. I think I see where you add them to loot tables just if I do that I do not think the mod will be stackable anymore. Was wondering if their was a way. Hope that helps it hard to put into words.

Wouldnt item Quality refer to Primiteve ect since when spawning items the third parameter refers to qualty and thats what changes spawned items Primitive ect. As for the first question it depends what you are trying to do i havnt looked at those values yet, but my gut tells me if your adding insulation to temp for new Armour then makig the Hyper thermal insulation higher (Positive one) would make getting overheated less likely to happen and lowering Hypo thermal (making it a higher negative value) would allow more fortitude towards cold/freezing?
(EDIT: Simple way to look at it the closer the values are to 0 the less Insulation(Fortitude) you will get towards the wheather/temp)

K for the first question that was what I was thinking just wasn’t sure. Kinda had a debate on it with a friend. He was saying according to this the higher both values is what you want. So all + numbers?

As for the item quaility what I was looking for was how to add higher quaility items in the dev kits engrams it just spawns primitive ones. Not sure how to do that. I wanted to see what I could do with my items like maybe make a item improvement bench. Just not sure how too yet. Also, wanted to add them to loot tables but i wanted the mod to stay stackable.

I havnt tried myself but looking at it from this side of the fence hats how i would treat it. As for Quality if you go into your PrimalStructure ect file you will Find Item Quality change this from 0- 100 (0 being primitive, 100 being Asdecent or what ever :P) and when being learnt/crafted it should make it the according level? Once again have not done or messed around with that myself just what my gut tells me when i read and think about your question.
(EDIT: after reading what you linked i may be wrong they may be treating th values of both coldand heat for clothing as a base postive, negative value. (So Regardless if you want to mmodify fortitude to heat/cold Postive value is always better and Negative Value worse.))

both yes and know reaper they reffer too both the item and the primalgame data

I am still having trouble with the quaility I edited the value but when i make engram it still comes out as primitive. Changed it to 30 under the crafting stations quatity will try under primialstructure next but I tried it once and I had to delete that item as it crashed editor in testing will try again to comfirm.

So didnt crash this time not sure what happened before. But didnt work when I changed the value constant under, items stat infos / generic quality / initial value constant changed to 30 from 0. So I am lost on how to use a crafting station to make a ramshackle or high quality item.