Modding guidance

Hello,i’m trying to mod the Game Darksider 3,the modding target is the stats of certain item,armor and weapon ingame

Using unrealpak-bundle,i manage to extract the two folder
pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor and pakchunk1-WindowsNoEditor

Most of the file in there are packed as either uexp or uasset,which i can not open,even using unreal engine.Drag.Copy and Paste,Import.None of them work.

  • Is it possible to open these file ?

As i look for other solution, i notice that both of the pakchunk file contain a project folder.However i couldn’t open it because it seem they are using a modify engine ( titled “GunFire419”).I do notice that in the pakchunk folder there are a folder name “engine” which contain all the plugin for the project.But i do not know the correct to modify standard Unreal Engine 4.19 so that it become “GunFire419” engine

  • Is it possible to modify the engine in such a way,or to open the project without the need to modify the engine ?

I mean yeah anything can be changed, hacked nodded, I mean you’re only limits are what toy dont try? But im sir ar others might wonder is this " your gonna heap be alot more specific if yout want some better answers then what I’m offering, which is this “google it”, but jokes aside, what are you losing these files in? ADB? Cheat engine? Also toy do know yout can split, cut, encrypt, make a call packet, all kinds of stuff man, have you tried notepad++? What did it spit out? Mainly what your wanting to do is reverse engineer but not entirely, your wanting to do memory modding? Shoo im guessing hex level? Is their an online to this? Then things change again, there’s so many questions but just give us more tip work with?

Hello thank for replying,in essence what i WAS trying to do is try swapping stats between weapon.But in the end,the engine and the asset proved to be impossible to mod.So i just gave up