Modding ease of AI (specifically pack behavior)?

Hi all,

Been almost a year since I’ve been here… kind of lost interest because it was too difficult to implement something I really wanted: AI pack behavior.

Last time I fiddled for days trying to get Trikes to elect a pack leader by duplicating the Allosaurus code. However, the blueprint script was doing some AND/OR against a large number (flags of some sort I suppose) and without documentation I just could never get it working.

The idea was that herbivores should wander together in small herds, preferably mixed herds of babies and adults… and the adults would defend the young.

So my question is: has anyone seen this working in other mods… or better yet… is it any easier to get working now?

I heard of this Zoo-ology mod but it sounds like its modding aggro classes and distances… rather than actually making herds.

The pack logic was always pretty easy to modify - the ark modding wiki had a custom parent class on it from a few days after the dev kit release.
Meanwhile WC have themselves added a shared parent class - reparent the dino to that class and that’s basically all you need to do.