Modding contest question

Hello, I’m working on a mod for the contest. I’ve started the modding project but do I have to submit my idea to any place in particular so other people know what I’m working on and don’t try to copy what I’m making? I just want to make sure I’m ready for it .

Hey cunico,

There is a subforum for mod projects here but there isn’t a special place to submit wip mods for the alienware modding contest.

Okay, so do they select the best mod from just the steam workshop than?

No you have to Follow the instruction listed at there website: it on the Right of the Page!

i’m sorry i wasn’t clear in my answer.

When i said that there is no special place to submit WIP mods, i meant that there is not a place that shows the mods participating to the contest.

You should real all the rules & informations on the link that garyh2012 gave you.

Sorry to hijack a threat with another question but it’s related to the mod contest. Do you have to enter as an individual or can several people contribute work to the same mod?

I sent an email to alienware about that.

Contest is only open to one person. You must have all the rights to the assets used in your mod.

Read the official rules for more information about that :

Bottom page there should be a link called Official rules.

Most important part is here :

Does that mean, that every asset (materials and textures and meshes, Blueprints, animations, etc) shipped with the ADK content browser are note allowed? Does that mean, that every mentioned kind of asset should be made by our own?

ADK Content is allowed obviously, but you need to make sure that you have the rights to use all assets present in your mod.

For example, when you buy assets on the market place you are allowed to use them. Buying them, also gave you the right to use them in the contest.

But every member of your team will need to give you clear permission to use their assets in your mod. And you should prove that every others assets used in your mod had the proper license.

Thank you Ditsov. This a very clear response. Now, I am not unsettled anymore. :slight_smile: