Modders needed

I am not good with software mostly pcs So i need a modder or team of modders to make a mod for my tribes server
I cant pay you sadly but any modders who do or make the project will get full credit for the creation but not the idea maybe itll be famous like valhalla or aku shima Ok so here it is a currency mod all dinos drop teeth now depending on type of dino and lv these can be use at 3 different in game shops: one buys dinoS each ehh cost a certain amount of teeth their would be a option for all dinos a mid lv version and a more expensive max wild lv DINO you can also buy mammals not sure how that would work maybe they just spawn by shop. Next shop buys weapons and gear. And last shop buys building supplies like walls and foundation. I also had a idea for a delux shop that sells ascendant items.

This is the base of the mod i have more ideas for expansions tho if you wanna tackle this mod plz freind me on steam

My steam name is Ninjapigg Message me any questions or suggestions to.

So why do you think anyone would do this?

Hey Ninja,

Sounds like you have some solid ideas, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to pick this up without any compensation for their time. Most of us have our own concepts & are very busy with making those come to life. Modding is something that is extremely time consuming. I’m talking sometimes what should be a day long project turns into weeks being spent on things due to weird bugs/unexpected problems/etc. I highly suggest you learn modding yourself and make this happen. Knowledge is power & you might be surprised by how gratifying it is to make you concept come to life in the ADK. Is it easy? Sometimes, but more often than not, no. But is it impossible? No way. With a week of studying, you could make a really solid chunk of this happen if you put your mind to it. I suggest learning retail UE4 blueprinting, as most of what you want to do could be done in retail UE4 first & would really help you to understand blueprinting overall.

PS: I don’t think most of us make mods for being “famous”. I think we do it because we enjoy it, although there is probably a few that would disagree with me on that one :wink:

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aint that the truth

Sounds a lot like DayZ Epoch.

Short answer, Ninja, is that if you want this done you pay someone to do it or you do it yourself.

Ideas are easy to come by. Everybody has good ideas. The hard part is the work you have to put into it to make it HAPPEN.