Mod works in solo play, not on dedicated server

Hello everyone,

I tried posting this on the support channel, but haven’t heard any feedback yet, so figured I’d try here as well. I’m a bit new to modding, and I’m a bit stuck with my project here, and was wondering if anyone had run into this before.

The mod I’m working on added a custom piece of food to the game, with the intention of then adding it into the red supply crates. I’ve built out the mod, as well as custom supply crates engrams that add the new items into the item set. Then I used the remap supply crates fields in the primal_data file, to map my new crates over the games standard crates.

Running through the test map, everything works great, no issues what so ever. I’m also able to launch Ark through steam, and load up a single player game, in which the mod once again works perfectly, with no issues. But, when trying to set this up on a dedicated server, I’m seeing very weird and inconsistent results. Occasionally I’ll see instances where the red supply crates stop dropping entirely, or if they do, they don’t respect the new item sets. Occasionally, the new food item shows up, but the food item doesn’t function as expected, despite working perfectly on a single player mode, with the same mod files.

I guess I’m wondering if there might be a step I’m missing for building the mod to be used with a dedicated server - I’ve put all the files (the folder and the .mod file) into the mod folder location on the server, as well as added the mod into the ini file. I’ve installed other mods this way, and they work without issue.

Thank you for any help you can offer - I’m sure I just missed a step somewhere, but I’ll admit that looking through all of the documentations on creating mods I’ve found, I’m not seeing what.

For your purposes there shouldn’t be anything special other than remapping the vanilla supply crate to your modded one.

I would recommend you test your supply drop in the editor extensively, each time you run the PIE simulation your red crate should always appear and should eventually present the loot items you want. Note that if your loot table results in no match or a zero quantity… the loot spawner in the sky won’t appear in the editor or the loot case will be empty and simply disintegrate when you open it.