mod work in sim, but not in the game?

Hopefully someone can help me on this one.
In a part of my mod I have added an power Outlet that I can pick up again.
This works fine in the sim, but after I have cooked and uploaded it I can’t get it to work in-game of my single player game.
All I’ve kinda done is to make the org. Outlet able to be picked up.
Testing it in the sim, I make it, place it and then pick it up again.
Cook, upload, add it to my single player… Learn the engram, make it, and it goes in my inventory… But when I try to place it, I get an “no snap point” issue… I don’t even get the red/green outline… Just the error that there is no snap point…
Back in the dev kit… Testing it again… All is working…
Please advice me on what I should do or check…

Are you editing the base file, or making a copy of it inside your mod folder? You need to copy the outlet, the primalitemstructure, and the engram. Then you need to add the outlet to additional structures to place in primalgamedata, as well as remap the original engram to the modded one. Then you need to point the engram to the modded structure, and make sure the primalitemstructure builds the modded outlet, and the outlet consumes the modded primalitemstructure.

I’ve done that.
I copied the three into my new outlet mod folder, renamed them all, changed the engram to point to the new modded structure. Added the outlet to gamedata. Itemstructure Is building the new one, and consume the modded one.
Then I added the modded one to be given back when picked up. Testing it. Now icon make it, and place it. But it won’t power anything…
Atheist I can place it now… One step closer lol.
I gotta figure out how to actually make it power something…

ok! Retested this…

I made a new folder, added all junctionbox, engram and primalitemstructure
Changed the names to something their name plus _test
Added the new junction_test to additional structure and to engram in primalgamedata
in engram, I changed what you learned, levels, points and req.
in primalitemstructure I changed structure to build, where to build it ( componed req. to build )
in junction_test ( the one with the picture and a blue line under ) I changed that you get the structure back when picked up, and that it consume the modded one when placed

That is all I changed … so … all in all … just the names, where to build it and that you can pick it up!
Now it won’t work.

I build an original one, and it works…
The first junctionbox AND the new one will not work, only the original one… and that is when following only the steps I have included here… where did I go wrong?? what did I miss or forgot to do??
Do I need to explain to the mod somewhere that this junction box is also a junction box?? is there anything extra I need to add since I change the original one??

Please advice

No one that can shed a light on what I am doing wrong here?? Why can’t I make this junctionbox power any structures at all???

I did this myself and ran into the same exact problem. I’m assuming there’s a file with acceptable power sources somewhere, I don’t feel like looking. Make ElectricJunction_test a child of the original instead of a copy and it’ll work just fine. Do you have this outlet being crafted at the normal, non-modded fabricator? I took pictures of every step I took, just let me know if you want them uploaded.