Mod won't compile after last update

I’m sure it’s something I’m forgetting to do, but I’m stumped… I had a mod that had been working fine with no updates for 3 weeks. Today I made one small change in a single setting of the mod (added leech cure) and recompiled like always. Uploaded and though with such a simple one line change not even worth testing. Then had a commend point out that the upload was only 4 files, meaning all the items that were in the mod were now missing… people loosing their stuff!

I went back, recompiled and this time checked the compile output directory, and sure enough, all the items were gone… but when I test the mod in unreal, it all works fine like it used to…


I know I don’t give many details, but I literally changed one BP with 1 additional line of default engrams to add the leech cure. That was the only change and now compile for upload gives me nothing but mod file,, and primalgamedata of the mod, with none of the items or BPs…


Ok just tried cooking another mod - this one was a test one so didn’t care… NO changes at all since last bake a month ago… did the same thing… takes as long as ever to bake, but all that is in the output are the 4 files… all the items missing… so it’s definitly the compiler ******** up… what changed in the process? I’ll try verifying the install, but it doesn’t generate errors, just problem baking…

I’m having this same problem with a mod that I’ve had running for months with no issues. Made a small change to it and cooked and uploaded to steam. Only get 4 files.

I did a VERIFY and after 45 min it downloaded some new files and updated it… quit, relaunch, and this time the mod cooked correctly… still makes me nervous now uploading without looking in the dir first for corruption… all kinds of useless error messages in compiler, but doesn’t tell you it’s corrupt… awesome!

Welcome to July 2015. Just let the dust settle after an update of the ADK before you set foot near it, 2 weeks is usually long enough to get the new bugs chained up.

With my mod the issue was that the primalgamedata override in my level file somehow lots it’s reference to my file. I hadn’t edited the level file in months so I’m still baffled how it changed. Once I put it back all was good.