Mod updating

I created a simple mod that re-adds the Raw Prime Meat blueprint back into the game.

I have copied generic mod level, PrimalGameData, Testgame and the raw prime meat item. Everythign works great when i spawn it in the editor, I am wondering about when the game updates, adds new items etc.

If I update my server the mod is running on is it going to have the new items, am I going to have to recook the mod everytime there is a new update to get new items? Is it going to wipe the changes I have made to the mod when they do an update?

Thanks for any help in advance

ok so ull need to update it cause ur overriding things and the mod is cooked for versions (i cannot see updates mattering to much as long as its only just adding the blueprint as long as its not in the master list should be fineā€¦ if u cheat in the item number 252 as a blueprint (true instead of false at the end of the command) it gives u the blueprint in vanilla ark

Hope this helped