Mod trying to cook entire 252 update?

I’m having this issue where every new mod I try to cook is cooking with all of the content in the 252 update. So it thinks the megalosaurus and its saddle and all the other dinos, saddles, skins, everything, is part of my mod which is making my mod a massive file size and destroys any stackability. How do I force it to only include my mod folder?

Your mod’ PrimalGameData should be linked to your mod’ orange Level file, in the cook window you select your mod(by it’s folder name) and make sure the map field has your level file exactly as it is on the file itself and cook as a mod.


That’s the strange part. I cooked my mod, uploaded it to Steam, tested it. It wasn’t working quite right. Then I noticed the 252 update. I did a Save All, closed the editor, extracted the 252 update into the Dev Kit (Not the mod folder but actually extracted it so that all the files went to the right folders). I started the editor back up, I changed the graph of one blueprint I had. I recooked the mod, with all the same settings I had before but this time, it added all of the 252 update changes to my mod. On a whim, I recooked a mod that I had made a few days before and even use on my private dedicated server. Even that mod cooked with the 252 update content. Also, if I cook it then go to the output folder and check, all of my mod files are there along side of the 252 content and if I delete the stuff that isn’t part of my mod before uploading, the upload works and the mod works just fine. Just, for some reason, the Dev kit has been doing that.

One thing I forgot about, if you manually update, you must copy the PackageInfo.bin file over from the content when extracting it over the install. The DevKit uses this as a means of determining what exists in the current(or as current as it knows about) game install and will cook/include anything it finds that it doesn’t find in that file so as to avoid mods missing files and potentially crashing servers/clients.

It was a change made one or two updates ago.


You know, that’s probably it. I extracted the folder with all of the content over but I don’t think I did the PackageInfo.bin. I’ll try that now, thanks!

Ok, so I just copied over the PackageInfo.bin and I think it’s working now. Guess I just a dumb thing when I copied everything over, lol.