[MOD] TheDuel - mod based on Close Combat: Swordsman UE4 project by ZzGERTzZ

Hi i’m a Character Animator on UE4, and this is the last test/non commercial project i’ve been working on.
It is a souls-like mod of the already a little souls-like project «Close Combat: Swordsman» from the Unreal Marketplace by ZzGERTzZ.

All player character animations are retargeted from ZzGERTzZ project except emote “praise the sun dance” which is a mix of key-frame and mocap edit.
Enemy animations are a mix of mocap from mixamo, key-frame and retargeted animations (like roll and avoid clips).
Sound assets are from the freesound.org project and remix and integrate everything.
VFX are all done from scratch within Cascade except the re-use of basic smoke SubUV animation coming from UE4 starter content pack.
Scene was made with Quixel’s megascans assets for the most part.
Skybox is from Goodsky by UNEASY.
The part i liked the most was learning how to balance the enemy AI and debug damage sphere hitbox, tweaking attacks and defense moves parameters.
Mixed with animation fixes, it really feels like you’re shaping a character, even sometimes capable of happy surprises. Kudos to ZzGERTzZ !
It’s also a first time and i’m loving it, seriously, i’m gonna do my best looking for more complex combat animation system to learn !

Any feedbacks are like gold to me, thank you very much for watching.

Alternate version of TheDuel (Epic Battle version)
my YouTube channel