Mod support?

Id love to see mod support that we can add to our game. Ideally without having to release the source to the end user. Something where the user could download ue4 editor the make maps and tweak values, add new meshes etc. But still having the game as a compiled plugin or something. Then as a dev, marking which assets are available for the end user to have access to in the editor…

I think the map editor is really the main thing id love to see. Having user maps can add a lot to the replay-ability of certain games.

They’re doing that with UT, so it seems to be possible already.

It’s still a part of the EULA that you can’t distribute the engine tools. I do recall seeing another post about mods where someone from Epic said that they would host the tools for third-party games inside the Epic launcher.

+1 I would love to see this feature coming. Now that UE4 is free, perhaps all that is needed to modder is to get UE4. Or perhaps Epic could release a modding tool just like the CK for skyrim ?

I’m no programmer so I don’t know the specifics of how you would approach it, but Epic is big on modding so I’m sure they will be supportive of developers who would want to promote that in some form or another.