Mod Structures being replaced by another Mod's

There were various reports, even a screenshot proof, that after restarting the server,
all built Incubators from Joan’s Egg N Poop Collector is being replaced by incubators from the Ark Advanced mod, even if the ark advanced incubators arnt built and engrams disabled.

Both mods use different incubator filenames.
Does anyone know how is this possible and if there is a solution to prevent one mod’s items from being replaced by another mod?

bump, anyone?

I’ve seen this happen with the industrial forges many times, when does the switch occur?

The moment the server restarted. I already said that.

Edit: And ive never heard of industrial forges being auto replaced before, or so u claim. If that really happened users would be bringing it up, since it’d be a serious problem in ark.

And judging from your previous posts, since you know ispezz personally and work with him, you would probably know why this is happening with his mod huh

It has to do with the fact that each item is named incubator, the filename for some reason doesn’t matter in this scenario as the actual in game name referenced is the “incubator”. And I asked when to try and get more specific, such as after installing ark advance the first time and restarting the server, or after every restart with the mods already in. I’ve seen this issue occur only after a fresh mod install. If it occurs every server reset I would highly recommend eliminating one of the mods from your list if users are seeing it as a big issue. But know it is likely not directly due to either mod, but rather the fact that they both use the same name.

nope, both items are named differently even ingame. that rules out that possibility

I know this happened with advanced arch. mod and fireplaces when ARK brought them in.

Change note for ref

It isn’t his mod, I would say this is a poor assumption to make. That would be like saying I know boats’ sorting mod because I work with him personally. I don’t. Or like saying he knows ORP, he doesn’t. Core aspects, maybe, but not the actual code.

I’m simply giving you what I know from personal experience and the only thing I can assume without having seen either of the two mods code for that item. Unless you are giving us examples of the in game names or the file names on the downloaded mods it is very hard for one of us to help easily. I would require us to set aside time to download each mod and run it server side trying to replicate the results or even just to check item names.

jslay that was intended replacement, it wasnt bug, its just remapping done correctly… Also this issue is mod between another mod, in the first place how do they know about each other’s items?

well not sure what file structure is or what dir his are in i can tell u that my folder is call Adv_Incubator as far as file names i didn’t change them when eletroskellington gave me his files so they are all called the same Incubator

my suggestion would be use one or the other mod and not both to prevent that from happening

That’s not a fix, thats just giving up. Need to find out why its happening, its definitely caused by something. Would like more input on this, players that wish to use both mods can’t just be roughly told to ‘pick one’, thats not helping them.

thats not what im saying im am telling u that there is a conflict but do not know what could be causing it but for now u cant only use 1 incubator is what im saying either that or ask joann to rename his incubator files as i will be doing just need to give ppl a heads up so ppl can pick them up before i do that usually server that have my mod dont run that mod cause my mod already has a poop and egg collector as well as a incubator

I already checked the files from both mods. Like i said before, the file names are all different. So i dont know what is the problem now