Mod structure that can catch enemies

Hello everyone, I need help, I’m new here. I am creating a mod of a structure to make events, it is a catch of flag, I have created a structure based on the wood table, the idea is that I can pickup any player of any tribe, for now I have managed to create the structure and To be able to place it in any part and that can demolish the enemies, also I have made that the resources for crafting is the same itself so I avoid that they falsify and that when demolishing it returns 100% of the resources therefore it adds the structure to the inventor, But the problem is that when demolen the enemies takes 9 seconds and do not recover the resources.
Can it be done so that the enemies recover the structure to demolish it or better still I can make that the enemogos can pickup ?.

I’m sorry for my English, thank you very much to everyone.

Hello, any idea?

You could disable pickup and create your own pickup as a Multiuse Entry that destroys the actor and adds it to the user’s inventory. You can manually set the delay on this as well.

Huston850 thanks, i’m going to try it. reguards.

Alternatively you could create a small area around the “flag” and when entered the “flag” is destroyed and added to that player’s inventory. You could see if the object has collision events as well so that you could merely run into it to collect it.

I enable that the enemies can destroy the structure, but it is not added to the inventory if you are not a member of the tribe owner, I would be both options, but I am still very new to ark dev kit and I am very worried, besides I have another problem with My structure, if the drop of my inventory the game gives me fatal error and closes. thank you very much for answering.

If you drop your inventory with the flag in it, you crash? Let’s continue this via private message, I sent you one.