I’m developing a mod Smithy for my server.
I copied the files from the Smithy, changed the name, made all the changes to the other files. Only in primalinventory it is that only changed the name, crafting speed and the number of slots.
What happens is that the blueprints are there, but I can not crafting anything.

Help me please!

Your new smithy is != to the old smithy, while the smithy KNOWS what IT can make, the items don’t know they can be made IN the smithy.

You need to remap them all with new versions that know about the new smithy.

How do I do that?
Can you help me?

Help me :frowning:

There is a Discord link on here, i am sure they can help the question is are they willing to do so.

  • On a side note… there are hundreds of smithy mods loaded to the workshop, none of those do the small change you desire?

How do I put the organic polymer to convert to polymer anyone know?
Already solved the problem of the smithy, I now make a mod polymer converter

I wanted to make a bin that preserving the organic polymer put there he converted to polymer.
Someone can help me?

Depending on what you are trying to do… you can make the new smithy a child of the old smithy and all items that need the old one will use the new one as well…

To convert one item into another, take a look at the MultiCraftBeetlePoop blueprints ( think thats what they are called ) - they convert poop in a beetle into oil/fertilizer.

Basically: set the crafting cost to be the old item, and the ‘add additional items’ to be the new one

How do I put a blueprint within a structure?
I have a problem I put to automatically convert the organic polymer in polymer.
But I put 500 organic polymer and only me of the 100 polymer

Help me please

Check the crafting cost on the polymer object… is it set to 1 organic polymer?

I copy file polymer, rename to polymern and set cost 1 organic polymer


But convert polymer not work 100%

Did I can help put the blueprint not preserving bin like a smithy, which appears there the blueprint instead of crafting alone

Help me please