Mod Requires Mod?

Ok have a question about how it works if i have made 2 mods.

Mod 1: A new cooking crafting station and some new food kind.

Mod 2: A new type of plant that drop a new type of barry and you can eat right away.


In Mod 2 i make a new recipe using the new barries but i make then so that they Requires, and can only be made in the crafting station from Mod 1…

How do that work when people are using the mods and only use one of the 2 mods?

Will it all fail and crash?
Will they just not be able to craft it or see it if using mod 1?
Will steam tell you that the other mod is needed?

What will happen?

Mod 1 should be a stand alone unto itself.

Mod 2 can be an addition to Mod 1, while requiring Mod 1.

On the workshop page

Cool thx :slight_smile: