Mod request forum?

With patch 185 coming I think a mod request forum would be a nice thing to have to facilitate communication from the players to the mod-makers. Either here, the steam community, or both. @community admins, please consider setting this up. :slight_smile: Thx

It would be best to keep these boards here to the actual modders. So far these boards have remained civil, helpful, and mature - which is sadly something we can’t say is remotely true on the steam boards. Please, let’s not bring them over here.

That’s due to the barrier to entry. It’s not difficult to get here, but it’s more effort that most would be willing to put in. I’m fine w/ it being on the Steam Community Forums.

Honestly it might not be a bad idea if the steam workshop discussions became the suggestion board since that is readily available to everyone with the game and to keep these boards available for modders to help each other out.