[MOD]Project. Bots for ARK.

Hello everyone,

I am looking for programmers to create bots/npc for ARK game. I dont have knowledges to make it by myself so i need help and more of course, i would like to make a team which will be able to make these bots.

If you are french speackers, i love you ^^

This thread talk about my project in my language, so will be eadfier to understand who i need :,1734.0.html

To resume, i will organise this team, and give you resources, like a private server, a forum and a TS to facilitate communication, between all of the programmers. Hope someone, could help in a view to succeed to this project.


Better AI would be awesome. I would love to see some work put into herd behavior and flocking, as well as unique AI for species that require it. There is evidence that such AI exists to some degree, but it’s hard to tell if it’s coded behavior or just happenstance since the AI spawn in the same area. For example you can often see Compys or Raptors in groups, but they don’t hunt as groups unless they all happen to target the same creature, or the player. I would like to see pack predators form intelligent groups and hunt together, as well as use more advanced hunting techniques, like pealing off small groups to flank their pray similar to lions. Herd animals should roam around together in groups, instead of just milling about in groups, as well as cooperate with one another in a defense when threatened. Another thing I would think about is having needs and habits for individual AI and species. For instance all species would have needs, such as needing water and food, as well as preferred time of day to act upon their needs. I think you could get a lot of cool emergent gameplay from such systems.

of course all of this AI behavior would add a performance overhead, but I would argue that A.) It’s of a huge benefit to the game gameplay wise. You could to some extent require knowledge of a creature to interact with it, such as knowing where it migrates, gets water, likes to hunt, etc, and make hunting for a specific creature an actual active activity. B.) Having much more in depth AI would help make the world feel more alive, thus allowing you to actually decrease the amount of AI in the game world.

I would imagine improved AI is something Studio Wildcard will eventually get around to doing. Maybe after they’ve introduced their 1000th creature and their offspring.

Here is the documentation link for AI:

Check out the bush people mod. And keep up with current mods there may be stuff on the way.

Glad you have listened to my advice :wink: