Mod only works by itself, no other mods

EDITED: Mod actually works if its first in the list so my question has changed. I made a mod that moved the 3rd person camera further back than default. I’ve found that it only works in the first mod order slot. Is there a specific reason that causes a mod to require this? If so how can I change that so people can have it in any spot they wish?

I’ve never messed with the camera, do you adjust pawns for that? Things that are “remapped” sometimes have to be loaded first if other mods remap them (GameMode, PlayerController, etc, which of course remap OTHER files, such as pawns, huds, etc). The only other time I’ve encountered this is if there’s an issue with PrimalGameData/GameMode parenting. What files have you edited?

I edited the pawns. The game has the settings under them labeled as TPV. Altered those and followed the basic directions for mod uploading. About all I did. I’m really hoping to figure out how to have different viewpoints to toggle between and if I get lucky a copy of the orbit cam and how it works really smoothly like a MMO camera. Not holding my breath for that one though. I did change the parenting of the male/female pawn pieces to the testpawn but otherwise I just followed a youtube video on mod uploading. I think the video was about making the characters larger and a super gun, all I did was the camera and everything else seemed to work fine in that tutorial…I think…

Modifying the pawns is considered a core change therefore it won’t stack. Your mod will have to load first and any other mod you may have that edits the pawns will not work.
You may be able to get around the load order issue by using a buff to get the camera and change it instead of doing it directly on the player pawn bp’s. Theoretically anyway.