Mod not working

Hi guys, I’m new here and I need a little help. :confused:
I’m the owner of a PVP server with high rates (loot, tame etc) and i’m trying to do a mod that disable granades.
This is what I’ve did:

-Start ARK dev kit (206.2)
-Create a folder inside Mod folder (NoMoreNades)
-Copy PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod to “NoMoreNades” (PrimalGameData_BP_NMN)
-Copy GenericMod level to “NoMoreNades” (“NMN”)
-Load NMN level and set primal game data to PrimalGameData_BP_NMN
-Open PrimalGameData_BP_NMN and restored to none the game mode (is this the error?) and cleared AppItems (yellow arrow)
-Copy PrimalItem_WeaponGrenade to NoMoreNades (“PrimalItem_WeaponGrenade2”)
-Edit the item (can’t be used in inventory and can’t be equiped)
-Remap in PrimalGameData_BP_NMN -> Item Remap from PrimalItem_WeaponGrenade to PrimalItem_WeaponGrenade2

-Open level -> TestMap
-Set TestMap Primal game data to PrimalGameData_BP_NMN
-Start (play button)
-Use giveitemnum 6 1 0 0 the item is in my inventory and i can’t use it, it mean that the mod is working

Steam Upload
-Cook game mod (Job finished)
-Upload (After that i’ve compiled all the fields)
-Subscribe and start ark single player with the mod.

But the problem is that the mod is not working, if i press esc the description and title don’t show up. and i still able to use nades.
Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

Setting the game mode to none is not a good idea, from what I’ve come to understand.

Try copying the TestGameMode from GenericMod over to your mod folder, identify it like other files with your mod name, and reference that in PrimalGameData.

Also, be sure that the mod completely/correctly downloaded. There’s been random occurrences of issues with Steam Workshop and Ark.