Mod not uploading to Steam

Cooking the mod seems to be working just fine, but whenever I go to upload the mod to Steam, I get the following error. I’ve gone through all of the files and I swear I have all the references right, though I may possibly have overlooked something. Any ideas where to start looking to fix the problem?


Delete the description and just use a generic filler OR remove all special characters other than ] / , . as a bare minimum that I’ve found so far personally. " characters will delete everything including themselves and all following characters on the steam page. ] and / are kept as you can format the text in the description and it will upload it correctly.

My first mod I had ='s in the description and I believe they caused that error for me initially. The title and changenotes may also possible cause this error if they have special characters in them.


Huh I uploaded a very basic total conversion, added my mods name and changed the stone pick to be 1 thatch instead of 10, just to make sure its working before spending the thousand hours I want to making the mod I want.
cooks, and says it uploads, but every time its downloading from steam after subscribing to it it says that its updating then in que, then starting then in que, then starting then in que.

I had a : in the name, i’ll remove that and see if that makes a difference for me, but… hmm anyone else have this problem ? (thought to add to this discussion rather then start a new one as its close to same issue.

Ran into this last night as well. I had a - in the title. Removed it worked just fine.