Mod not updating

I recognise this is might be a problem like the one located hear:

Problem for me is the Steam upload box that opens moves so fast I can’t even see what’s written, it just opens for a second and closes so I can’t see if there are any errors in the uploading process, the only thing that I know for certain is that it is not updating the changes made to the mod I currently have. I have verified the Dev Kit multiple times which seems to have no effect other than yellow text appears for a second before closing the box.

I downloaded the Dev Kit from the UE4 Launcher.

Any suggestions on where I can find more data on this? Or if there is a general solution that everyone is using to get past this predicament? I know it’s unhelpful that I can’t post the text so it makes it harder but is there a log file somewhere where I can find an archived copy of this in the default system?

Thanks to anyone that takes time to help me!

Somewhere in the SteamCMD folder in ModTools will be various logs. No idea which one contains the error(s).

It’ll likely be one, or both, of two things;

  • Preview image is larger than 1MB in size.
  • There are special characters in either - or all - of the text fields(Title, Description and Change Notes).


Had this same problem a while ago. Turns out my preview image was too large. Just shrink the image or something and see if that fixes the issue.

Just got back from work, looking into this now.

OK, found the txt log files but I am rather baffled by them and they don’t seem to show any errors. so I decided to brush off the dust on OBS and catch the log before it vanishes. it says:

ERROR! failed to parse build config “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/ARKDevKit/ModTools/ModConfigs/JJ_Weapons.vdf”. (ending bit is my mod, name of it is Roman Weapons on steam).

After verifying the Dev Kit again and trying it once more an error comes up unfortunately it was too low quality for me to decipher 100% but i did notice a file in the Log folder that showed the last bit of text before the box died out:

Assert( Assertion Failed: Error while parsing text KeyValues for resource workshopitem )

Any idea what this means?

thanks for getting back to me, I’ll be in work tomorrow again so i might be slow to reply.

I have done that, does not make a difference unfortunately :frowning:

A parse fail directly results from unsupported characters in the Title, Description or Change Notes sections.

To be sure, just use “test” as the Title and Description, empty the Change Notes and upload.

You can always change the Title and Description on the Workshop, and you’ll likely find yourself doing that as SteamCMD will replace your description with whatever is in the cook window - but because of the characters it does not support formatting.


By joe it worked!!

All i had to do was removed a " ’ " from the description and it uploaded flawlessly!!

Well, thanks for the help! was rely worried it was going to be something rather complicated.