Mod not downloading into dedicated server mod files?


Hoping someone can help.

My mod downloads into single player via subscribing fine and works perfectly in a single player game or non dedicated server.

but when I put the MOD ID into my server along with other mods (that work fine from the workshop) my mod files don’t appear to download/install on my server when I update the server and restart as I logged into the FTP client and their is no folder or files for the MOD and it doesn’t show up on my server

does anyone know what would cause this?

…thats not how it works u need to manually upload the files on ur server via ftp

the server I use is a dedicated server so when you add Mod ID’s the server downloads the mods and installs them. its not my own personally hosted server. its a paid server. as such all mods on the market load in and work fine i have 10 plus mods installed in this way. when I add their mod ID. so in this instance when I added my own mod ID and restarted my server as I would when adding any mod to the server, It has not downloaded the mod into the directory and installed it. this has worked previously on another MOD file but I deleted that mod because it was ******** with the pre existing engrams and I started again with the generic mod files and since then I have not been able to get my server to accept the mods. You do not have to manually install the MOD files VIA ftp on my server and most paid servers with consoles dont have to do this either they just list the MOD ids and the dedicated servers install the mods when you restart the servers.

so for some reason the server isent accepting the mods I am making ie not installing them but is accepting other mods on the market which indicates their is something wrong with my my mods setup. I am assuming the style of server you have used doesnt self install mods via their mod ID’s?

stupid question first: cooked and uploaded to steam? I assume since you have the mod ID number
nest semi-stupid question: is the prject set to PUBLIC, and, if not, are you logged into steam via your server admin console?

if not public, and, your not logged into Steam (remember, uploading kicks you from steam) then it wont download. If set to Friends, make sure your logged into steam. if set to hidden, you wont get it to download.