Mod not cooking assets

Hey guys, I’m trying to cook a mod up right now and I am having a problem with the editor leaving out all the important stuff like textures and stuff. The only thing it cook is the primalgamedata, testgamemode and the dino entry files. The rest are all left out. If anyone has a solution to this problem, please help me!!

Easiest way to diagnose issues like this is to check the reference viewer and tweak the search settings to see if you can see a clear link back to the PGD.


Is there a way to make an item without having an engram entry? Thats the only way I see that it can link back to the PGD. I want to make an item without an engram entry

Things without engrams can be added to the Extra Resources array, not sure though how much DLC will affect this array(it’s also where all the extras are like some skins and whatnot).

But if textures are missing, then I suppose it’s something else causing it, if those are the only types of things missing. You mention Dino Entries, so I presume you have custom dino’s?