Mod not appearing in game

Mod seems to have cooked and uploaded fine but doesn’t appear on the list in my game after I download it. Anyone else had this issue or know of a solution?

Update: It now appears on the list but doesn’t affect the game or show in game information when I press Esc.

My steps:

  1. Create new folder for mod called Mymod.
  2. Copy/create child of the three files generic mod folder and place in in Mymod folder.
  3. Rename the files Mymod.umap, PrimalGameSettings_BP_Mymod, and TestGameMode_BP_Mymod.
  4. Go to world settings for Mymod.umap
    a. Set ‘primal game data override’ to PrimalGameSettings_BP_Mymod.
    b. Set ‘map’ to TheIsland
    c. Set ‘gamemode override’ to TestGameMode_BP_Mymod
  5. Open PrimalGameSetting_BP_Mymod.
    a. Add mod name and description.
    b. Change default game mode to TestGameMode_BP_Mymod
  6. Make desired changes.
  7. Compile and save everything.
  8. Run test through DevKit. Success.
  9. Cook mod. Map=Mymod
  10. Add details and picture (103kb)
  11. Disable SteamGuard
  12. Upload to Steam.
  13. Log into Steam.
  14. Download Workshop Item.
  15. Play single player with mod active.
  16. Doesn’t work. :frowning:

you should not child the main three files. Those should be copies rather so that they dont reference the empty files in the generic mod folder.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

Success. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: