Mod Kit Add Custom Inventory Folder From BP

How can I add custom folders to an inventory from BP. I’m proficient in C++ and blueprint. I Have created a custom inventory item mod and need to access the custom folder functionality of inventories. I also need to move items around in the inventory to custom folders. I’ve only found how to read the different custom folders in an inventory and print out the id of the items it contains. I have no way to add or move items to the custom folders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I believe this is a built in feature of the ADK, there’s a field somewhere in the primal item blueprint that says something like “Default folder path.”

Thank you for your reply. i’ve already tried that property and enabled “Show default Folders”. Also tried setting default folder through blueprint with no luck :(. I just need to be able to set an item’s folder in blueprint.