Mod Issue

I was making a creature mod recently and wanted to upload it to the Steam Workshop. It worked fine in the Dev Kit and the upload also had no problems. I can also choose it ingame, but in the game (in Singleplayer…) its not there. This is has been bugging me for the last 2 days and i cant seem to make it work. I also noticed in the modfolder, that it has a negative number which could be related to this issue?

I’m having the same issue as well. I made mods a few months back and doing the exact same Island Extension that I’ve made and posted successfully before now it won’t load in single player. It also has the negative sign in my ark game folder. It’s also has a different steam id then what’s in the folder. The steam id is 2158343499 but in the mods folder it’s different. It’s a small mod with two assets, settings and the item which is a rock or boulder so it’s suppose to be tiny but probably not less then a Megabyte. Also sometime when I cook it it’s missing files or has all of them but it doesn’t work in single player.

The map is in the Island Sublevels folder, and has the rocks saved on it. When I toggle the eye icon it works as it should but somethings wrong with cooking or uploading. I have tried, reinstalling the Dev kit, wiping mods in ark game folder, using the cmd to upload manually, changed the info on upload, changed the picture size multiple times. It’s been 4 days and I’m loosing my mind.
PS. Let me know if you guys want logs.