mod installed but not running.

I created a mod which is basically a script that runs on startup, and nothing else.
t has three files.
A level (map) which if i don’t have the mod won’t cook. I want the mod to run on any map, just just the level that goes with the mod.
the primalgamedata file
the gamemode file which contains the script.
the level primal game data points to mine. the game mode overide points to the game mode file.
the primeal game data file refers to the game mode file in its default game mode setting.
In the sumulator, it runs the testmap and my mod works fine., even in standalone mode. it debugs, everything works. I cook the mod, upload it, then subscribe to it and it doesn’t work on single player, non dedicater server or even on my dedicated server when it install it there. I can’t help thinking it needs to run from the testmap. Am I missing something?


Add a copy of a random engram to your mod. Open it up, call it what you want, give it whatever requirements you want, make it craft whatever you want. Under PrimalGameData, add this engram to “additional engrams” or whatever it’s called. Test it, cook it, run it. If the engram shows up, something’s wrong with your script. If not, it’s your mod.

I’ll try that but I think it’s the mod. I’ll tell you why. when you press escape the info gives you details of the last mod loaded. When i disabled all other mods except for mine, run the server log in, press escape, no mods show up at all.

The “mod info” listed when you press escape is editable at PrimalGameData -> the first 2 lines, name and description. You can put whatever you want. If nothing, then it appears blank in game.

I did put information in there. it didn’t show up. I’m not even sure it’s loading. you think the game would log mod loads and failures

Is your BASE_PrimalGameData_BP properly parented to the one at PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/?

Proerty of what? the blueprint or th level?

It should look like this. When the server starts up, the Base_Primal runs, and so do its children. If it isn’t properly set up, you’ll notice things not working.

I delete most of the files tbh but recreated, dragging and dropping from generic mod and pasting blueprints as “child”, but the primalgamedata_bp file did that have the parent but had the generic mod parent, so i reparented it. Should i do the same with gamemode and if i do will i lose my graph scripting?

You’re best off just grabbing everything from PrimalEarth.

PrimalEarth -> BASE_PrimalGameData_BP -> Create Child
PrimalEarth -> TestGameMode -> Create Child
Your Mod -> BASE -> Remap GameMode -> Change the first engram to something else
Level -> Set PrimalGameData to your child
Run it and look at your engrams

If that works, then you can go from there. For the most part, things in the graph can be copied and pasted.

these video tutorials should point this out. There’s much conflicting information on them