[MOD-Idea] Pointsystem


I am Admin on a popular German ARK server. We have sometimes the problem, the huge tribes with many Gigantos is raiding a tribe who has not even a rex. we try to fight them with rules, but that does not really work.
</ TLDR>

We now had the idea, to introduced pointsystem to ensure that only similarly large tribes may fight each other. The idea was to evaluate a tribe with reference to the structures, member, dino level, etc… Like have thatchstructures have 1 point, 3 points wood, metal 10 points, … So we might say tribes with <500 points are Tier1, 500-2000 are T2, and so on.

We have already searched for possibilities and alternative, but we simply found nothing :(. What surprises me very I see great potential in it - not only in PvP.

Although I do not like to beg, but I have not the skill to develop something like this, but if someone have interess, ideas or suggestions has, bring it on: P I would definitely help as much as possible to me.


Talpidae you might want to look at the Offline Raid Protection (ORP) mod. Not because of the offline raid protection functionality, but because of the ‘Magic Timer’ functionality. They have code implemented that does exactly what you are talking about in terms of assigning a number of points based on the size of the base. You can read more about it here:

But to quote: