Mod enabling an item to be a blueprint

Back when the game was just rolling out on steam you could give yourself Blueprint: Raw Prime Meat and in a later patch they removed it. Though modding I have followed the tutorial, added the game mode, a modified primal game data file, a copy of the raw prime meat item. Everything works fine, I can spawn the item in-game but when I mouse over the modified item the game hard locks.

Anyone know what might be going wrong?

Hmm sounds like its not referenced correctly. I believe for an item to be a blueprint it also should be an engram. Try duplicating an engram and make sure that you have, under the Primal item bp, “is Blueprint” checked. Reference everything correctly under the the PrimalgameData_BP and see if that works for you.

I have attached an Engram to the custom PrimalGameData that I have created and it still crashes the game when I mouse over the blueprint, anyone else have a suggestion as to why it crashes when I do this?