Mod dev wanted for custom UI

I run a couple popular ark servers and im looking for someone experienced in making mods to make us a small custom ui mod. Mod must be stackable and i prefer someone with a bit of experience! Thank you!

Add me on steam

anyone able to help out?

I been looking around for a few weeks, even paid requests doesnt seem like people have interest. Or no one knows how to make it work…

yah i wouldnt mind paying a bit for a solid mod. i mean i basically just want a watermark with my website info… im not a modder but that shouldnt be too hard for someone who knows what theyre doing

  • my server is pretty high pop so it would also help the modder get some attention

you would have to get me on steam kilrath81

I already tried adding you a few days ago kilrath81

then maybe try again?

Generally speaking UI mods aren’t generally done for anything more than Language tweaks or minor button tweaks. UI Isn’t freely exposed or easily accessed in the ADK, so don’t be surprised that nobody wants to work on it.

Its extremely easy to create the UI, the problem with creating it though is getting it to work with other addons. Im very experienced with the UI, What I dont get is making it work with other addons. If youre not using other addons I can make a super bad *** UI for you that will work just fine.

It’s all a matter of finding the right workaround. ACM - probably the largest UI mod for ARK(in regards to the amount of widget elements and graph behind it) - will go weapon-less within the next week as I finally complete moving and refactoring all of the logic powering it. It will behave almost identically to a mod that has overridden the GameMode or the pawns in using key events, as it’s completely stackable I don’t have access to the GameMode login event - at least until I get a dispatcher for it - so I use a workaround for that aswell.