mod.db file getting wiped

I verified the install, complete delete and reinstall and nothing i do keeps the dev kit from wiping the mod.db all of a sudden. It writing it with most of the fields blank. If i close the editor and add a title to one of the mods and restart the dev kit it will overwrite the mod.db file. I recooked the mods after install and this created the mod.db file with mods listed in a certain order. When i shut it down and restarted it it wiped the mod.db file and rebuilt it with mods in a different order. Has anyone else had this and resolved it? I have always replaced the mod.db file with my test version and then replaced it again with live version with no issues. then last week it started doing this.

for anyone else having this issue, i reinstalled my OS a few weeks back and didnt install notepad++ so i was editing the file with notepad. Editing in notepad++ solved the problem. Must be some sort of formatting or encoding issue with notepad.

thank you very much! I have encountered the same problem, according to your introduction, I resolved! thank you very much!