Mod Crashing ark. Please help me read the fatal error.

First sorry but this is the only way I could capture as my pc was super locked up. My first guess is that its dying at primal inventory component but I have no idea why or what is actually causing the error.

I recopied the Primal data and I’m currently recooking… I also found a bunch of extra crud in the mod directory that I just cleaned out before this cook as well. Thanks

Also is there some trick I can do to make it cook faster? I have a pretty amazing pc and its already running on a SSD but it takes about 1.2 hours to cook a mod? I heard the first time takes 30 mins and is faster after that … heh I wish. my mods seem to cook twice? They give the completed text 1400 seconds then starts right back up and cooks again for another 1400-2300 seconds. I have verified and all that … is this normal is basically the question.

well its now working. So my guess is that it is possible I was using a PrimalStructure data that was old or something. Or leftovers in the folders was causing it.

Takes 86~160 Seconds per cycle for a 200mb Mod with multiple structures and buildings with custom textures and such on a SATA2 HDD not SSD or M2.

That is an error with the inventory function call, could have been done from the player or from a structure in the world, you may have had an item that had link to some bad data that was inside of an inventory. But generally anything to do with inventory porblems will crash the ADK as soon as you open the blueprint or the PrimalGameData file (if the corrupted component is linked into anything in the PrimalGameData file)