Mod cooking problem

Trying to cook my mod, everything seems fine and the ADK says “job successful” after a bit. Unfortunately, the output folder has a grand total of 519 bytes of files, which can’t be right.
What could I be doing wrong?

Hi sench,

Can you provide your current settings for cooking ?

Not sure what you mean by that since there isn’t anything I would call proper settings, but here’s my set-up:

I have my mod folder called “RWC”, containing a “PrimalGameData_RWC” file, as well as “GameMode_RWC” and a “TestMap”.
The primal game data contains information pointing to a number of blueprints in sub-folders.
When cooking, I select the RWC folder. It won’t cook a non-TC mod w/o a map specified, which defaults to “TestMap”. However, neither using that nor trying to use “TheIsland” makes a difference and provides me with a blank mod for the output.
The log displays a LOT of warnings about failing to load/being unable to find objects within the default game files, possibly for every single object (the number of such warnings is over 7000 for TestMap and over 9000 for TheIsland).

What other settings are there?

You cant have two maps with the same name afaik, rename your “TestMap”(that need to be a copy of the GenericMod map) to something else and try again.

The log still displays a lot of warnings about file loading (about the same amount), but it did seem to output all the necessary stuff correctly. Thanks!

Glad i could help you with this. The warnings are normal the amount also sounds about right.