mod contest rule clarification please?

Hello, I had been considering participating in the contest, but, iam just a little concerned about this… although truly, the prize is quite decent

(from the “Official Rules” from the bottom of this webpage here:

  • (bottom of section 4.)


if i make 3d models and textures, my own original creations, may i still use them in my own works in the future?
the rule only applies to the mod as a whole?

Iam guessing, maybe these lines are just that, you guys want to be able to freely advertise the mods how you see fit?
or maybe you guys want to take the contents of the mods and implement some of their features into your game?

does this Only apply to mods entered via the official entry to the contest? or any and all mods made by anyone for any reason?

Hi Cao,

You might get a better answer on the ark modding contest forum :

Since wildcard is not the ‘host’ of the contest.

well… i could just move 1 vertice and then call it my property right? …