Mod Contest: I think they should sweeten the pot.

Don’t get me wrong. Video cards, computers, cash… all great, all worth going for.

No complaints on that.

What I really want, though–what I’d compete for–is a 20 minute conversation with one of the lead developers to pitch an idea that I think should be added to the game (or ask a question).

Right now, the modding community is complaining that they don’t get the access they want.

So, somebody (Ditsov, if you’d be willing to?) should pass on the request…

All of the top 10 entries should get to have a 15 or 20 minute convo with somebody who decides what goes into the game.

its not that they do not what to up-to-date the ADK, but they are swarmed with the main game.

giving us the ADK at this period of time is brave for them.

established games will take a certain period after an official release before releasing. I know Total War took quite some time to release modding tools.

I think 15K and a computer is already pretty sweet, don’t you? Besides, the deveopers do listen to community feedback and ideas. The thing is such things take time to implement. There’s a phrase common to game design and modding and it’s that everyone has a good idea but no one to implement it.

The great thing about the devs releasing mod tools, well before actual release of the game, is that they can take good ideas created by the community and absorb them into the base game. So if you have a really good idea why not make it a mod? If it’s a really good idea then the devs can put it into the game. If it’s not good for the game as a whole, or is very niche, then at least you and the community who wants it as it.

I didn’t say anything negative about what the devs ARE doing.

What I said is that this is a great win-win. They get pitched good ideas from the modders who have proven themselves to be good at improving the game, and the community gets to know they’re listening in a real way.

The title is a bit misleading, but yeah, I agree. The game could benefit a lot from listening to experienced modders.