MOD Complications

So, this is me asking for help on what I would need to do and how to do it to make the MOD I been trying to hire someone to make sense april of 2015… >_<

I want to make an attack on Titans-ish Mod. wherein players can play PVP. against(or as) Man Eating Giants that are about the same height as a Dino gate, but have very limited tech.

I tried using the “ChangeSize” cheat, but for some reason that makes you’re player hoover above the ground like they’re standing on the head of another person their size, so that wont work…

I tried this mod (…archtext=giant), BUT this mod isn’t very good. not only does It need to be first in the load, so it limiting on what mods I could use with it, but it also seems like it makes EVERYONE giant, doesn’t change the animation of your characters movement speed so your character looks like they’re running on a treadmill when you walk, And for some reason I couldn’t interact with anything. I could swing my fist but it wasn’t hitting any trees or enemies. and doesn’t seem to play well with any other mod.

So where does that put me?..Literally at square one.

My PC is finally able to run the DEV Kit, so I have it installing as I’m typing this.
I’ve never used it before, so I’m going to be learning how to use it as I’m trying to make my own mod…

What i want to accomplish:

Stage 1. First i just want to make a giant that works. I’m thinking a “No Drop”(Can’t be looted) invisible helmet that when you put it on it scales up the model to the size it needs to be(I would prefer the size of a Dino gate. roughly x6), scales up the players stats to what they need to be for that size(x6), It would also need to scales up the cameras(for both 1st and 3rd person) so you can see what you are doing, Adjust the models hoover height so you’re not floating 100 feet above the ground, and match the movement speed up with the speed of the walking/running/sprinting animations, so you don’t look like you’re running on a treadmill.
and I would like to change the sound of the footsteps too booming, like when a t-rex or giga walks.

Once I have a working giant player, then I will worry about stage 2…
Working means a player that can move around, fight Dinos and players, harvest from bushes and trees, and mine from stone/metal/crystal nodes, and gather any other mats they that normal sized players can collect. All the things that all players need to be able to do to survive.

Stage 2. Scaling up tools, weapons, and armor. not all of them, just up to metal and flack.

Stage 3. Frills.
Things like a stomp animation and, and some kind of grab ability(so thy can capture and kill/eat the human players. This will probably be really hard to do. And I’ll also look into scaling up furniture and crafting stations…


Ok, so I been working on this Mod. I spent pretty much all day yesterday on it, and it’s coming along fairly well. I hit a few snags here and there, BUT the people at the Ark Modder Discord have been EXTREMELY helpful… seriously,

I put the Helmet Idea on the back burner and decided to make a berry instead.

As as of right now:
i would say that I’m about halfway threw phase 1.
have the giant stats and the giant size that I wanted.

now I need to figure out how to slow down the movement animations, so they look right, how to edit the sound effects of a giant players so they make a booming sound, and how to set it up so I can interact with trees, bolders, players, and animals, so I can harvest/mine the things I need to harvest and mine, and be able to fight.