[MOD]Bots for Ark. Project, need programmers to help me.

Hi everyone,

I am looking for programmers to make a bots/npc mod for Ark. Bots will spawn as players, and will be fully compatible with all Ark version. I need programmers because i dont know hos to make bots/npc, i can help programmers in giving them a TS, A forum ans a private server to make tests if they want.

I need you guys.

If youn speack french or understand this language a bit, lets go to this :,1734.0.html

If you want to conatct me, because you are interessting and want to know more, please go to my forum, login and lets send me a MP :

Hope someone could help to realise this porject, this mod.


Yeah… Good luck getting someone to help you if you don’t have a somewhat working project in progress. You are asking for days/weeks/months of work.

Someone already made this mod. Maybe he can help:

Of course, this project will need months before working on goods bases. That’s why, i would like to have more than one programmer, but a Team with programmers, 4 will be really interesstings, so that this project will be on in some months.

I know this mod. But, i would like to make bots not like mob spawning but with the same humans spawn points. And with more things inside.

Thanks answering,


I am in. How much do you pay per hour?

No, in all seriousness why do you think someone would work “for you”? I mean you basically don’t add anything. A TS costs 3€ a month and in times of Discord and co you probably don’t even need that. Discord is also the perfect replacement for a forum for this kind of project. Which wouldn’t be used anyway. No one uses forums outside of communites these days. And there is also no need for a test server since everyone can just setup a dedicated server on his PC for testing. So again why would someone join you, if you basically don’t bring anything to the party. It’s not like you are monitoring the test server and TS while potential scripters invest hundreds of hours.

Sorry for sounding so harsh, but this is a place where people, who want to engage themself into Modding, come together to share knowledge or join up for a project. You “offer” is nothing else than a server owner coming here and requesting Mods or a guy having “THE idea”…

I was hoping you would chime in … These people demanding “help” are getting out of control.

Hey Artaban51,

In my humble opinion, you would be better off by bringing something to the table when asking for help from other modders on a project (modeling, blueprints, texturing, level design, etc). If you do have some of those skillsets, you might want to mention that in your intial post. Otherwise, I doubt anyone is going to be able to offer you what you are looking for.

Just some friendly advice :wink:

Additionally, this should be in the Team Up forum. I’ll get it moved :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Thanks for answering. Some Years ago, i made a team, to make bots for a game named Ennemy Territory, it was the Bobots. Same, as i did hier, in asking for help, but with a big advantage, i had the SDK, which were not public. So, i decide, to do the same think with the ARK game, with no big advantage, but in proposing ideas and asking people to help me.

Mentalities changed since i did the same project, now people want something for doing a free mod… free mod, for communauty. It is amazing. I dont care about people who want something for something in a virtual community ark world, where we do something for all and for free, just adding our competences and ideas to make projects.

Thanks for advices.