Mod Ark item - cannot place a modded item on the floor


first of all, there should be a newbie area in this forum.

I though it is straight-forward if one know how to program to create tiny changes. But I failed to simply clone a storage box. I copied all (really?) necessary files into my mod folder:


I also changed the “Blue Print Entry” in the EngramEntry. However, I can craft that object but not place it (the green preview during placement is visible though).


I tested the default storage box, which works fine. Any hints?

Read the FAQ and tutorials first. The structure HOWTO talks about adding structure placement to Primal Game Data. Look for Consume Primal Item in the item BP it’s probably not cross referencing it’s structure BP.

In ur primal game data settings it has to be added to additional items to place you need add the fireworksbox in there

A basic chain structure to follow.

Level File (Points to the PGD below)
}- Additional Engram Blueprint Classes (You’ve done this, obviously).
}- Additional Structures to Place (Points to your new structure directly - not the PrimalItemStructure)
NOTE: Go to the GameMode Override and click the yellow “return” style arrow or assign it manually to TestGameMode - this will reset it to the default the game uses as normal mods don’t need to override this.

}- Structure To Build (Points to the actual structure blueprint, like above)

Structure Blueprint
}- Consumes Primal Item (Points to the PrimalItemStructure file for this particular structure.

Either one of two things will stop a structure from placing. The structure is “consuming” the wrong PrimalItemStructure file, or has not been added to the Additional Structures array. Double check these.


All great info posted above; any time I run into this its because I’ve overlooked one of those steps.

One final thing it can be is to make sure under World Settings you have the Primal Game Data Override pointing to your mod’s main Primal file or you’ll run into the same issue as well. Even if you have it properly referenced in your mod, but are testing said assets on the Test Map, you’ll need to set your main Primal here again, at least temporarily.