Mod and moving posts

Hi I’m Malice

I posted into the Content Creation thread an AD like post. My post was moved to “Got Skills…” thread.
First - Thanks to the Mod for the relocation, I hadn’t even known that thread existed. Thank you.

I was wondering why I receive no message or notification about the post move. I first thought the post had been deleted, I search by my name and couldn’t find it. I’ve been a member of active game dev boards like this before, so I took time to look deeply and not re-post it.
So I have just these two question. Why didn’t I get a notice to avoid me ignorantly re-posting ? and why don’t the Mod’s identify themselves so I could apologize for the mistake, thank for the move, as well as ask the specific thread violation?

Any feedback would be helpful,

Thank Y’all

Threads that are moved will have a 1 day period where they will show in the original location as “Moved” so that if you need to find it then it will still show there for a day.

Thanks that is useful. I wasn’t on for a few days. Still wouldn’t a auto-generated system notification be helpful and effective? At this point, it’s just a suggestion.


Alexander or Chance would be able to put something automatic in place, but you can also find your threads by going to your profile and clicking the link that will bring up the threads you’ve started.